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Unified IT Management

Solutions for an integrated approach to IT and data center management


End-to-End IT Management Solution for Enterprises


  • Manage network and storage devices, applications, servers, virtual environment, bandwidth, and help-desk from single console
  • Business service grouping for end-to-end service management visibility
  • Extensive reporting capabilities with relevant KPIs to make accurate business decisions
  • Unified platform to reduce time on task and bring in collaboration at work
  • Listed as a �Value Leader� by EMA Inc. in Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM)

End-to-End Unified RMM Platform for Service Providers


  • Highly scalable and multi-tenanted architecture
  • Highly scalable architecture that can grow with global expansion plans
  • Capacity to release services faster with capabilities that are in line with today�s customer demands
  • Ability to meet service level agreements (SLAs) accurately with unified visibility across services and customers from a central console
  • Affordable, pay-as-you-grow licensing model

Unified Data Center Infrastructure Management


  • Get all features of IT360-Enterprise edition along with monitoring capabilities of facilities infrastructure
  • Monitor IT and Facilities components like- power and cooling devices, racks, fire alarms, sensors and DG using a single tool
  • Get a real time view of the Data Center with video streaming capability
  • Calculate critical metrics like PUE and DCIe for efficient data center operations
  • Create a replica of the data center and monitor IT components remotely, using 3D rack builder

Customer Stories

  • "Today I can�t imagine my IT infrastructure without this product. IT360 touches all points of my IT and gives a consolidated view. It becomes extremely easy to manage things with the way role..."

    - Chandrasekhar Jajware, CIO

  • "We have become a ManageEngine shop. It becomes easier to deal with a vendor who touches almost every node of the IT-management with its easy-to-use product line..."

    - Jim Garvey, IT manager

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